Flora – Arduino-compatible Wearable electronic platform


Flora!! – Best wearable electronic platform – fully featured, sewable and Arduino-compatible microcontroller. It has 1.75″ diameter and weighs 4.4grams.

For power, it has an on-board JST connector with protection diode so that you can use with external battery inputs 3.5V to 16V DC – can be controlled on/off via on-board power switch. There is 3.3V 250mA regulator with protection diode for consistent voltage and also to power up other 3.3V modules and sensors.

It features built-in USB support via Micro-B USB cable and also USB HID support so it can act like a keyboard or mouse to attached directly to computer.

The Flora family also includes stainless threads, sensors, GPS modules and chainable LED NeoPixels and accessories for Flora main board.


Buy Flora – Arduino-compatible Wearable electronic platform  from Pakronics:

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