mBot online course 101 – Connections

This is how different electronic components / modules are wired:

mBlock is easy to use software application for working with mBot. The software is based on Scratch 2.0 & 3.0, a graphical programming environment developed by MIT.

Like Scratch, mBlock provides a character and various functional libraries to exercise your programming skills. The functional blocks are easy to drag and attach with each other in the ‘workspace’ to create a program.  When a program is run, the character (called sprite) moves or behaves as programmed.

With mBlock, there comes additional library (called Robots) which hosts a list of functions for programming the mBot. You can move the mBot, read their sensor values, play a tune and control the LEDs to make a useful application.

mBlock is an easy to use graphical programming tool based on Scratch. Additional library functions allow you to program mBot.

When you use the functional blocks from Robots library, you are also allowed to use functional blocks from other libraries like Events, Control, Operators, Data and Blocks. This extends your programming capabilities beyond simple movement or LED on/off controls.

 The Robots library also has functional blocks for some of the mechanical and electrical extension packs of mBot. So you essentially use the same mBlock software even if you have a different robot, variant of mBot or additional extension packs.

With mBlock, mBot and this exercise, you are set for an awesome programming experience. Have Fun!

Make sure you download the latest version of the mBlock from here

mBlock 3 (based on Scratch 2.0) & mBlock 5 (based on Scratch 3.0) is supported on 

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