mBot online course 101 – Graphical Programming mBlock – Scratch

Curriculum Mapping Digital Technologies Digital Systems (Year 3-4): Explore a range of digital systems with peripheral devices for different purposes, and transmit different types of data(VCDTDS019) Creating Digital Solutions (Year 3-4): Define simple problems, and describe and follow a sequence of steps and decisions involving branching and user input (algorithms) needed to …

mBot online course 101 – Introduction

mBot 101 (Beginner)

In the recent past, mBot has gained popularity as an entry to the intermediate level robotic kit for school. mBot is an easy-to-assemble educational robotic kit that helps students learn real-world applications in robotics. Teachers have been using mBot as a STEM educational kit for teaching electronics, programming and robotic concepts of varying complexity levels.

mBot can be programmed using graphical (Scratch based) and coding (like Arduino). This makes students learn the basic concepts easily and then move to solve problems of higher complexity levels.

This course provides you an introduction to mBot hardware and other electronics components on-board and helps you assemble the mBot. Using the coding exercise, you can program your mBot to perform real-life robotic applications.

mBot is an STEM educational kit for learning electronics, programming and robotic concepts of varying complexity levels.

mBot is an easy-to-assemble educational robotic kit that helps students learn real-world applications in robotics.

mBot is also known as modular robot for adults, for it supports an extension of the robot through MakeBlock and modular system compatible mechanical parts and open-source electronics.

Course ideal for

  • School students (Year 5 – 10)
  • Beginner to programming


  • Hardware – mBot v1.1
  • Computer/Laptop with Windows or MAC Operating System with mBlock software.


This course is designed to provide you a hands-on learning with mBot. After completing this course, a participant would be able to:

  • Familiarize themselves with robotic components (sensors and actuators)
  • Comprehend the working principles of various sensors and actuators available with mBot
  • Assemble their mBot
  • Create program using mBlock software to control mBot movement and sensing
  • Program the mBot to create real-life robotic applications

Course outline

This course mainly contains the programming exercises required to familiarize you with basics of graphical programming, programmable components of mBot hardware and controlling of mBot to make useful applications.

After you purchase a mBot, the following is the way to engage yourself in creating robotic applications using mBot:

  • Assemble the mBot
  • Familiarize with mBlock tool
  • Learn graphical programming using mBlock
  • Start programming for basic movements
  • Learn different connectivity and control options for mBot
  • Familiarize yourself with other programmable components of mBot
  • Combine your imagination and programming skills to create useful applications like a line-follower robot, autonomous obstacle avoidance robot etc.

For a classroom environment, where multiple mBots are available, one can even think of creating games around mBot programming – for example, soccer playing mBots, balloon fight, and autonomous maze navigation completions.

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