RedBearLab BLE mini

Suitable for intermediate & expert.



  1. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) 4 module
  2. On-board chip antenna
  3. dimension 39mm x 18.5mm
  4. Power :
    • 3.4v to 11v IN
    • 5v USB
    • Coin battery
    • 3.7 Li-ion Battery
  5. Battery holder included
  6. Mobile compatibility
    • Android 4.3 or above – Android devices with BLE hardware: Nexus 4, Nexus 7 and Samsung Note 3
    • iOs 7 and 8 – iPhone 5/6 (all models), iPhone 4S, iPad Air, iPad (3rd gen or later), iPad mini (all models) and iPod touch



  1. Wireless Bluetooth cable re-placer
    • Mobile to development boards like Seeeduino / Raspberry pi / Arduino
  2. Control Arduino by mobile
  3. Chat with your electronics device
  4. Control Flora NeoPixel with single I/O



  1. Open source firmware ‘ Biscuit ‘ –
  2. Following applications are available in the firmware
    • Biscuit-UART Biscuit firmware with UART (TXD/RXD) interface.
    • Biscuit-USB Biscuit firmware with USB interface (virtual comport, USB CDC)
    • Biscuit-RGB Firmware to control an RGB LED (Flora NeoPixel) using a single I/O.
    • UBL-1.3.hex – TI’s Universal Boot Loader v1.3, you normally do not need this unless you want to reburn it with CC debugger.
  3. Free Mobile apps –


Install latest firmware:

1) Connect USB cable to the device

2) Press button next to USB port


3) Connect to the PC

4) PC should identify as “mass storage” device

5) Download UART firmware with USB CDC drive –

In this case, your device will work similar to UART (serial) data transfer but it will have CDC driver for PC. In that case, you can connect the device to the PC and receive UART data on the COM port. You can use ‘Real Term‘ or any other COM port PC software to receive data.

Note: While connecting my BLE mini to a Window 8 machine I could not get USB drive for programming the board, however I succeed programming through a Window 7 machine.

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