Tessel 1

Suitable for JS developers & intermediate to expert electronics tinkerers.


Another open-source yet powerful development board that is designed considering the open-source ecosystem. It supports higher level programming language called NodeJs , Python and Rust. It can built your prototype using 10 pins IO modules in few minutes.


  1. 64MB DDR2 & 32MB Flash
  2. 48MHz Atmel SAM21 processor
  3. Open source, cross-platform runtime environment – Node.js
  4. Inbuilt Wi-Fi
  5. Plug n Play hardware ecosystem

Installing Tessel

Step by step instruction for getting started with Tessel can be found on start.tessel.io .

Tessel 10 pins modules

  1. Accelero­meter
  2. Ambient Light + Sound
  3. Audio
  4. Bluetooth Low Energy
  5. Camera
  6. Climate
  7. DIY
  8. GPS
  9. GPRS
  10. Infrared
  11. MicroSD Card
  12. Relay
  13. RFID
  14. Servo

Application example

Interesting and innovative application examples developed by makers and community are available at http://tessel.hackster.io/.

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