Tessel CLI list

A ready reckoner for Tessel CLI .


Tessel CLI is the command line interface used for Tessel micronctroller. While working on Tessel 1, I have been putting together a guide list of useful commands and their corresponding usage.

Feel free to comment about CLI you’ve come across and expand the list!

Command name Code + info
Run code tessel run [option] To run file on the RAM of the Tessel
Copy package into Tessel tessel push [options] To copy package into the Tessel and run
WiFi setup with password tessel wifi -n -p [-s ] Connects to WiFi with password
WiFi setup without password tessel WiFi -n Connects to WiFi without password
WiFi current status tessel wifi -l Connection status
WiFi disconnection tessel wifi -d Disconnect and forget WiFi credentials
Stop tessel Ctrl + C (twice) Stops execution on the Tessel
Information of the package tessel pack Information sent to the tessel could be useful during development
Binary code tessel check For advance user
Test Tessel after installation tessel blinkĀ It can be used to verify if your installation is correct and if you are running your code from the correct directory.
Tessel version tessel version To check tessel CLI on PC version
Tessel version tessel version –board To check version of the connected Tessel
Tessel update tessel update To update Tessel to latest firmware

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