Intel Galileo vs Edison

Suitable for intermediate & expert.


Intel designed development board for makers. If you are looking for making or learning with Intel boards then there are two options in the Intel development platforms – Galileo and Edison. Here is a brief comparison between Galileo vs Edison to help you decide best suitable option for your project.


Intel Edison

All in one dual core processor with WiFi, Bluetooth and 40 GPIOs on single board computer. It is a great tool for quick prototyping.  Here is the list of features:

  1. Dual core CPU & single core microcontroller
  2. Integrated WiFi, Bluetooth & LE wireless connectivity
  3. Internal memory & storage to support scalability
  4. 40 GPIOs with expansion board option for complete design flexibility
  5. Various software development kit support – Intel, Arduino, Linux & Yocto


Intel Galileo Gen2

Intel developed Arduino certified board to serve all level of users – from experts to begineers. It is also pin-compatible with Arduino UNO R3 shields or breakout boards. It is a great option for Arduino users looking to upgrade their project on powerful processor.
Here is the list of features:

  1. Intel® Quark™ SoC X1000 application processor, a 32-bit, single-core, single-thread, Intel® Pentium® processor instruction set architecture (ISA)-compatible, operating at speeds up to 400 MHz.
  2. Variety of I/O support like USB, Micro-SD, Ethernet & PCI
  3. 256MB DDR3
  4. 512KB RAM
  5. 8MB NOR
  7. Pin compatible with Arduino UNO R3
  8. Various microcontroller interface like UART, TTL, PWM.
  9. Power Over Ethernet (PoE)
  10. Intel Internet of Things kit for great connectivity.

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Intel Galileo vs Edison

Based on comparison I can say both are powerful development processors and both do support Arduino platform but if you are familiar with Arduino and just want to scale your old UNO project to higher processor then Intel Galileo Gen 2 is the best option.

Intel Galileo comes with all the essential accessories to get you started quickly while Intel Edison comes with following options:

  1. Edison module – ,
  2. Edison module & Arduino development board –
  3. Edison module with breakout board (Not compatible with Arduino) –

There are two prototype shield kits available for Intel with Grove. The Grove is a big ecosystem made of various Input/output/sensor modules for the microcontroller. The Grove system has more than 150 types of plug n play modules – providing flexibility and reusability to connect with most of the popular development platforms like Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Seeeduino, Beaglebone, LinkitOne, Intel Edison & Galileo, etc.

  1. Grove starter kit plus – Intel IoT Edition for Intel Galileo Gen 2 and Edison –
  2. Grove Indoor Environment Kit for Intel® Edison –

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