Arduino Starter Kits

Suitable for beginners.

Are you looking forward to learn electronics?

Arduino is one of the best way to get into electronics and microcontrollers and there are many starter kits in various shapes and sizes to begin with Arduino. Such kits are all in one packs to get started with various beginner’s projects like blinking LEDs, controlling the brightness of LEDs, switching LED ON/OFF and many more. The Arduino community is backed by many experts in the field and it has biggest community form to support and share knowledge.

Here are the links to the starter kits & various resources such as guides, tutorials, support forum and software (IDE) for development for Arduino.


Arduino Starter kits from our store Pakronics:

  1. Arduino starter kit by – This kit is designed by Arduino, It consists of the breadboard, manual, LEDs and prototyping wires.
  2. Arduino starter kit by Adafruit
  3. Arduino starter kit by LittleBits
  4. ARDX kits  are Arduino experimental kits consisting of the buzzer, LEDs, potentiometer and many more.

Resources to get you started:

  1. Arduino getting started guide here.
  2. Great range of examples and tutorials for beginners to an expert Adafruit learning system.
  3. Arduino Support forum here
  4. Arduino board comparison can be found here.
  5. ARDX tutorial guide can be found here.
  6. Software IDE
    • Arduino official IDE
    • S4A modified version of Scratch here – This is idea for kids or educator to make learning easy.


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