Arduino Board Selection Guide

Comparison of Arduino specifications.


For beginners, the selection of the Arduino board to get started should be easy as the learning process for all boards is quite similar. It is suggested to select the board based on good availability, IO (Input Output) shields , online resources and support forums. Currently (June 2015), the most famous board in Arduino family is Arduino Uno R3.

The Arduino boards can be stacked with various add-on shield boards with input/output functionalities such as display, GPS, SD card, Motor drive, LED panel, GSM board, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, Ethernet, Relay & many more. Open-source Arduino software (IDE) is used to program Arduino boards, it also supports various libraries for other compatible boards.

The Arduino is great prototyping tool for proof of concept.  If you are planning to use Arduino for your project prototype then you may need to consider following factors:

  1. Number of required input & outputs
  2. Compatible inputs/outputs shields
  3. Availability & price
  4. Programming interface
  5. Size of code & memory planning
  6. Power requirements of the project

Following table can be used to compare and select Arduino board based on the technical specifications:

[table id=6 /]


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