TI LaunchPad Ecosystem

Suitable for all – beginner, intermediate & expert.


TI LaunchPad Ecosystem is designed for users with any skill level – from students to professionals. The main board is called “LaunchPad” and its expansion board is called “BoosterPack”. The BosterPacks are designed with the standardised 20 / 40 pin out specifications to form the LaunchPad Ecosystem.

The LaunchPad boards are available in following categories:

  1. MSP LaunchPads – Ultra-Low power boards designed for Battery operated or Battery-free low power device development.
  2. C2000 LaunchPads – Real-Time control boards with power full motor and digital control capabilities.
  3. Connected LaunchPads – These boards are designed for connectivity like USB, Ethernet, Wi-FI etc.
  4. Hercules LaunchPads – ARM capability for the safety feature.

You can check out basic comparison for LaunchPad boards here.

The standardised 20 / 40 pin BoosterPack plug-in boards are designed by not only TI but also by third parties and it is backed by the good community contributions. There are plenty of BoosterPack designed to add different functionality to your LaunchPad project.

The LaunchPad series can be programmed from Open Source(OS) Energia or Code Composer Studio.

Step by step guide can be found at Project Zero.

Once you prototype your idea you can make your own BoosterPack using BYOB guide.



  1. About LaunchPad here.
  2. LaunchPad info pdf here.
  3. Open Source Energia download link here.
  4. Code Composer download link here.

We suggest the The Grove BoosterPack designed by SeeedStudio. Provide Grove connectivity to your LaunchPad board and make use of the Grove system that has more than 100 types of the sensors for various input & output functionalities.

You can visit our store for LaunchPad and Grove BoosterPack with 10 Grove module.

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