Makeblock Robot kits – introduction

Suitable for all – kids/beginner, intermediate & expert.


Makeblock is an open source robotics platform which includes mechanical, hardware & software parts  easy to assemble and program. These systems are well planned and executed to suit maker with different background & expertise. It allows people from all the age group to realize their idea into working Robot. The Makeblock solve following most common problems face by Makers.

  1. Hardware/Wiring:
    • Problems:
      • This is one of the core problem in realising your own prototype / electronics. You need some basic knowledge of electronics to hard wire things.  Due to this problem even many parent do not allow their children to play with electronics.
      • The prototyping always looks messy and starts following apart easily.
      • Most of open source hardware allows rapid prototyping but you may have to do little soldering or wiring to get your idea working.
    • Solutions:Makeblock-wiring
    • Easy connectable wiring connectors – All the Makeblock electronics are designed with RJ25 interface wiring.
      • Color coding for connectors- All the electronics connector are color coded for identification.
  2. Software programming:
    • Problem:
      • Arduino programming is easier than assembly / C/C++ programming but still you need to have basic computer skills & understanding of basic electronics.
    • Solutions:
      • Compatible with Arduino, Raspberry pi and many more coming soon.
      • It supports most popular type of programming languages
      • For beginners – Scratch & Ardublock
        • Both supports graphical representation of programming which is easy to understand and make for kids or beginners.
      • For intermediates & Expert- Arduino
        • Most of the experience maker can program through Arduino IDE
  3. Mechanical parts:
    • Problem:
      • Mechanical parts hard make for your custom project.
    • Solutions:
      • All the Makeblock kits comes Lego like mechnical interface that can be connected to each other in infinite possible combinations.
      • Standard beams with unique threaded slot, multi-functional wheels and high quality extruded and anodized aluminium parts.
      • Compatible with Lego and other industrial standards parts.
  4. Resource:
    • Problem:
      • Sometime I feel we have great tools but it is hard to find great resource to use tools. Most of time in the internet we try to find resource but most of time we spend endless time in search.
    • Solution:
      • Each kits with instruction manual, FAQ and other resource for Makers.


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