WunderBar – Internet of Things Prototyping Kit

Suitable for software and app developers with/without electronics engineering experience.



One of the successful crowd-funded project from Dragon Innovation. This dev kit is specially designed for software engineers to rapidly prototype Internet of Things and get product to market in very short time. It includes all the resource for hardware design, mobile app and cloud platform (SDK). Software developers can get started without prior experience with electronics engineering & soldering .


WunderBar dev kit consisting of 6 mini modules (5 sensor boards + 1 bridge/Grove board) and a master module. Each sensor board is standalone Bluetooth 4 (BLE) node with coin cell that could last for months while the master board acts as a Bluetooth master and a Wi-Fi gateway to the cloud. The kit includes following sensors:

  1. RGB color sensing & proximity sensor
  2. Temperature and humidity sensor
  3. 6-axis motion sensor
  4. IR transceiver
  5. Microphone sensor
  6. 4 pin Grove compatible bridge (This can be sensor of your choice from over 100 SeeedStudio Grove modules)

It also comes with snap-on chocolate cube enclosure case for each breakout board.



  1. Getting started here.
  2. WunderBar documentation & guide here.
  3. SDK and code here.
  4. Check out few WunderBar project on Hackster.io profile here.
  5. Unboxing the WunderBar video below:



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