Particle (AKA Spark) – Internet of Things Development Tools

Suitable for all – beginner, intermediate & expert.

Particle(AKA Spark) offers small & powerful hardware boards and software tools to develop Internet of Things (IoT). Particle boards come in following flavours:

  1. Spark Core (The original) version for WiFi connectivity.
  2. Particle Electron 2G/3G version for cellular connectivity.
  3. Particle Photo (Latest version of spark core).

Particle devices are great development hardware with out of the box cloud connectivity. They are the tiny boards with numbers of  I/Os and FCC/CE/IC certification to scale you from prototype to mass production in no time. You can programme it using Arduino like code, C/C++ or the traditional way in assembly. The tinkering could never be easier to controlling from an app without changing code & compiling code on the board. It also has an amazing web-based IDE called Particle build for programming. While it also offers offline IDE, command line & ParticleJS to suit everyone’s needs. The over the air programming and the REST interface makes it complete stand-alone Internet of Things device.


Benefits of Particle

  1. Out of the box hardware & SDK for Internet of things
  2. Small, powerful and cost effective
  3. Arduino like programming – most of your Arduino code will work without change
  4. Over The Air (OTA) firmware update
  5. Special tinker app to modify your hardware without coding


  6. Software development tools (SDK) for everyone
    • SDK for offline mode
    • SDK for online mode
    • SDK for mobile
    • Commandline interface


  1. Step by step guide for the Particle Photon
  2. Step by step guide for the Particle Core
  3. Support forum for the Particle here
  4. You can contribute or get open source material here.


  1. Visit Particle at here

Buy Particle Boards

You can buy boards and shields related to Particle at our store.

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