USB Power – Current & Voltage Testers

Must have tools for Makers.


USB has become the core of many projects. It is  troublesome to test USB voltage levels and current usage using a breadboard. They usually consist of holding wires attached to the DMM’s test leads, making it difficult to get solid readings. The USB Tester will make it much easier to monitor any USB project’s power source. Small size, a simple and practical tool that can detect USB’s voltage and current. It doesn’t need any external power and plug and play. And it not only voltage and current detect, but also a USB hub.


Here are some USB power testers that could be use for testing and/or logging.
  1. FriedCircuits USB Tester – It has been never easy to test USB pins of the board on the breadboard.
  2. FriedCircuits USB Tester Backpack 2.0 OLED Display – Extend your USB tester into smart and powerful USB data logger and tester.
  3. USB Charger Doctor – It can test voltage, current consumed by your device on tiny display.
  4. USB Current & Voltage Detector – Low cost, plug n play USB current & voltage detector that can also act as USB hub.


friedcircuits-usb-tester usb-test-oled-display usb-c-v-detector usb-charger-doc


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