OLED Breakout Board – 16-bit Color 0.96″ w/microSD holder


Add some colour to your project with Adafruit OLED Breakout Board – 0.96″ diagonal and contains 96×64 RGB pixels. Great choice when you need an ultra-small display with vivid, high-contrast 16-bit color.

This OLED uses the SSD1331 driver chip that manages the display. This driver chip can be communicated via 4-wire write-only SPI. The breakout features  a small 12V boost converter and also now Adafruit has updated design to include built-in logic level shifter so that it can be used with 3-5V DC power and logic levels. Adafruit also provides graphics library as well as example code and tutorials for this great little display breakout.

Buy OLED breakout board – 16-bit color 0.96 w/microsd holder from Pakronics:


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