Wi-Fi Micro Kit

Check out Wi-Fi Micro Kit – industry’s first single-chip ARM Cortex-M4 core MCU with built-in Wi-Fi connectivity. It’s designed around CC3200 module by Texas Instruments. The on-chip Wi-Fi, internet and robut security proocols – no Wi-Fi expertise required for quicker development. Ideal for not only IoT projects but also for Wi-Fi camera, Wi-Fi Audio, TFTP Client, TCP/IP OR UDP Server/Client, Http Server, XMPP Client, mDNS, etc.

TI CC3200 Dual core MCU: An ARM Cortex-M4 core at 80 MHz for application and a dedicated ARM core for Wi-Fi Network Processing
Industry’s first sully certified Wi-Fi module including FCC, IC, CE, ETSI, TELEC, and Wi-Fi Alliance
Easy Wi-Fi setup using TI’S Smart Config, Soft AP or WPS2
Over the Air (OTA) download application firmware from other Wi-Fi device or Internet
A lot of application examples provide by TI
TI-RTOS and Free-RTOS supported
Wide range of supply voltages and low-power consumption, less than 1uA current in hibernate mode
IoT Cloud platform integration ready including 2lemetry, Arrayent, Exosite, IBM, Temboo & Xively
Program the boards with Arduino like syntax using Energia, an open-sourceed version of the Arduino IDE for TI MCU
This kit also includes MK20 USB Board designed around Freescale MK20DX128VFM5. It acts as a dongle, accepts 5V from USB port and regulates to 3.3V via the onboard LDO which can be used to power BLE Nano. It appears on computer as both a serial port and a removable mass storage disk.


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