Grove Mini Track Ball

#SeeedStudioInAustralia. Making a robot? Check out Grove Mini Track Ball – a mini remote controller for your robot. Features a mini track ball which is able to be rotated 360° – horizontally and vertically from any angle and also a click down button. There are 5 axes – up, down, left, right and press down. As the ball gets moved it generates the values from these 5 axes and the values will change according to the direction and speed of the movement of the ball.

It has a Grove interface and powerful MCU to Enrich Your Applications.

-Operating Voltage: 3.3V~5.5V (typical at 5V)
-Operating Current: 28 mA (Maximum Operating Current: 40 mA)
-MCU Frequency: 64 MHz
-Operating Frequency: 105±5kHz
-Hall Effect Field Strength Range: |0.5| ~ |8| mT
Buy Grove Mini Track Ball from Pakronics:

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