NeoPixel FeatherWing – 4×8 RGB LED

#AdafruitInAustralia. The NeoPixel FeatherWing is a 4×8 RGB LED Add-on compatible to All Feather boards. There are total of 32 configurable bright RGB LEDS arranged in a matrix. Each pixel is individually addressable and only one pin is required to control all the LEDs. Use one of the I/O pins on a Feather board for the DIN.

The LED s are powered from either the USB power line or Battery power line by default whichever is higher. Also, similar to most of the Adafruit NeoPixel boards this FeatherWing is also chainable when you connect DIN connection of the next NeoPixel FeatherWing to the current Wing’s DOUT.

Buy NeoPixel FeatherWing – 4×8 RGB LED from Pakronics :×8-rgb-led-add-on-for-all-feather-boards-ada2945

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