Grove – I2C Mini Motor Driver

#SeeedStudioInAustralia. Grove – I2C Mini Motor Driver. Control 2 x DC motors or windings of stepper motors with this very tiny motor drive with I2C interface. Features 2 x DRV8830 motor drive chips that can be used simultaneously. Great for low-voltage or battery-powered motion control applications.

It has on-board protection circuit – the maximum limitation current of each channel can be adjusted from 0.2A to 1A. Also, there are four pads that you can solder to at the back of the board if you wish to change the I2C address of each motor driver.

Working Voltage : 2.75v – 6.8v
Changeable max limitation current
Grove compatible
I2C interface

Buy Grove – I2C Mini Motor Driver from Pakronics :

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