CAN-BUS Shield V2.0

#ArduinoInAustralia  #DFRobotInAustralia. CAN-BUS Shield V2.0 – compatible with Arduino standard interface. The shield integrates an CAN-BUS chip – MCP2515 on the shield and has a CAN-BUS transceiver function. With an on-board DB9 and CAN-BUS connector it allows you to choose a suitable port according to your host device. For data logging application, there is an integrated MicroSD socket.

Supports standard frame, extended frame transmitting and receiving
Supports two reception methods: Rotational and interrupt detection
Supports UART, i2C and DB9 terminal interfaces
Supports SD card data storage
Supports Arduino mainboard power supply or DB9 power supply (Switch)


Chip: MCP2515
Power supply: 3.3 ~ 5V Arduino board power supply or DB9 interface power supply
Dimension: 76x54x19 (mm)/ 2.99×2.12×0.75 inches
Weight: 40g

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