WiDo – Open Source IoT Node

#DFRobotInAustralia. WiDo РOpen Source IoT Node- an Arduino compatible WIFI IoT Node development board. Integrates WG1300 for WIFI solution. Ideal for M2M Sensor Node development, toys, gaming or smart home automation device.


Power Supply range: 5v or 7-12v
Arduino Leonardo Compatible
Integrate with WG1300 WIFI chip and support 2.4GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g network
WIFi and MicroSD driven by SPI port
On board 2.4G PCB Antenna
Driver pins –¬†WIFI Module:D7(IRQ),D5(VBAT),D10(CS),D14(MISO),D15(SCK),D16(MOSI)
User friendly Reset button
Dimension: 72 mm x 55 mm(2.83″ x 2.17″)

Buy WiDo – Open Source IoT Node from Pakronics:

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