Professional development class for Teachers in Australia.

Pakronics education

Pakronics education offers a range of workshop and customized STEM kits in Australia. These workshops include but not limited to Arduino, Genuino, mBot, Gemma, Flora, Circuit Playground, CLWB and many more DIY electronics platforms.

These workshops are designed to up-skill your experience and expertise in the field of DIY electronics. The workshop is a complete hands-on experience.  We will tailor the workshop to your need and skill levels. For more information on the workshop please visit here –

As every child is unique, we believe the STEM requirement for the school is also unique. We can customise kit and workshop to meet your requirements like term, timeline, budget, educational goals and etc. Here is our most famous STEM kit for the educator – Please feel free to contact us for more information or pre-sell inquiry at

Pakronics online store offers a range of DIY electronics kits and components in Australia. We can ship anywhere in Australia and New Zealand.


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