Makeblock Neuron

Electronics was never a fun to learn for kids under 10 years. Lots of soldering or wiring was required to make a simple buzzer or switch. Then Littlebits disrupted the way we used to learn electronics. This product unleashed the creativity in kids, from cookie intruder alert to tweet a message when someone enters into your room. There are few other similar products but none could be easier, powerful and cool as Littlebits.

Long awaited Neuron is a new product in this category market, Makeblock who has changed the way we make robots. Thier robot platform includes mBot, mBot ranger, Starter robot kit and Ultimate robot.

This is another successfully funded Kickstarter projected that collected $$367,129 pledge. 

The Neuron electronics building blocks module uses pogo-pins. The Pogo-pins are simple, reliable and rigid.

They have a magnet on the back so easy to stick magnet board.

They can be programmable by Flow, graphical or Arduino programming language. This feature makes them an ideal choice for education.


  1. Supports flow, graphical and Arduino programming language
  2. Compatible with Makeblock robot parts
  3. Cloud connectivity
  4. No soldering or complex wiring

Cool Projects

Building Blocks

  1. Energy Communication – Wireless communication and battery power.
  2. Control – The input device like switch, button or voice recognition can trigger an event.
  3. Input – Input block can trigger an event from a range of sensors or camera.
  4. Output – To express the result, the output blocks are used like LED matrix, LED string, Buzzer, speaker and display
  5. Accessories  like wire, wheel, magnetic wire and charging cable

For more info on the product click here.

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