Create, transform and unlock a world of unlimited fun with mBot Ranger

Expand your world of unlimited possibilities with a three-in-one mBot Ranger kit. The three-building forms: robot tank, three-wheel racing car and a self-balancing bird makes it a fun to play kit for any age group.

You can program & control mBot Ranger through your laptops, Ipads or tablets and start the adventure expedition. The triple power educational robotic kit is both for learning, programming and having fun which you can build within minutes.

This do-it-yourself kit can be transformed into fierce and sturdy robots which can perform multiple and unique functions. You can conquer undiscovered territories with “Land Raider” and use the digital controls to avoid any obstacles.

No surface is tough enough to stand up against this sturdy bot. An off-road robot tank, which is designed efficiently to handle a vast arena of landscapes than most other vehicles or robot cars.

The “Land Raider” can be converted easily to the fastest “Dashing Raptor” which can chase anything at a lightning speed. It spins around itself like a raptor and moves around any surface. Finally reconstruct it once more to complete the mission with the “The Nervous Bird” that relentlessly balances itself and can be standing up against the strongest force.

Want some adventure while you are out for a day trip? Just want to sit home with friends and do some kick-ass programming? mBot Ranger gives you a plethora of options to choose from. A trusted companion for any adventure and a perfect kit to learn while you play, be it indoor or outdoor. This kit has three times power because it is constructed with an interstellar powerful material.

The innovative, simple to use mBot programming app prepares your mBot ranger kit to create a highly-intelligent speedy robot. With a powerful main board that provides board sensors and 10 extension cords, it is a perfect tool for the teachers.

Boost the classroom energy and teach entry-level programming with this three-in-one fun kit.Coding is now becoming the new and advanced conversational tool to express ideas, inspire the children’s capabilities while helping them to develop a logical thinking.

Our programming software is made up of colorful and modularized drag and drop graphical blocks. Children will get a sense of achievement when they will easily program their mBot rangers into interesting new forms without any difficult coding.

Unlock the key to a world of undiscovered territories and feel the power at your fingertips. A transformable triple power mBot Ranger kit with incredible capabilities will be a perfect companion for any activity. Be it at home for a gaming evening with friends or a take-along play kit when venturing out anywhere.

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