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We all know that the initial training is always the most important for any beginner. We receive a lot of queries every day for the STEM beginner’s kit. However, suggesting a perfect DIY electronics kit for students is not as easy as choosing an electronic item in the market. The real deciding factors are never just features, specifications, and cost. We go beyond this and try to provide the educational tool that is best suited for each classroom. 

Here are the 7 pointers to zero down on the perfect DIY electronics kits for your students.

  • The purpose of learning– The DIY kit must include the learning objectives that the students can understand. The goals are met by various programming languages, electronics components, and software. It is crucial to understand the current knowledge of the student on a specific topic. Also, what the teacher is aiming to teach them? So, we always ask an educator to give us details on what students know and which technology they want to teach them.
  • Easy to use – The kit should be handy, portable and easy to use. Many kits look “Cool” but very impractical to handle with a group of students.
  • The aspect of innovation – The kit must inspire the students to innovate with it and come up with new ideas. Since the DIY electronics is evolving, there are ample resources available but hardly any complete echo system of the tools which student can use at an advanced level. At Pakronics, our primary objective to design and develop an echo system of the components that can offer a platform to learn and grow. So, after you complete one kit, you know how to use the next one.
  • Advanced planning – Do It Yourself (DIY) electronics is catching pace and innovating every day with new kits coming to the market. Some of the products are still not readily available in Australia. Planning and ordering the kit in advance that is most suitable for the classroom will reap you maximum benefits.
  • Compatibility – Before choosing the individual components, you should first be aware of all the engineering sides of the components. Consider the aspects of electricity consumption, voltage range, logic (1’s & 0’s) voltage level and type of pins (analog, digital, input & output). Although it is part of a learning process for students, considering it in the intermediate level is essential.
  • Cost-effective – The cost should never be a reason to worry when it comes to learning. The budget should never stop children from preparing for a better future. We ensure that all the required components of the kit are well organized and fitted in your budget. In the past, we have worked with many educators to organize custom classroom kits to meet their requirements.
  • After-service – Many kits usually work fine initially, but once they are damaged, they become a useless piece. We want the children to have a seamless learning process. We aim to offer professional support on all components before and after you buy from us.

We believe, our work speaks for us.

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