Expand your creativity with Makeblock Neuron

Innovate and turn unlimited ideas into reality with Makeblock Neuron. A platform of innovative electronic building blocks designed for STEM education. Children can create anything they want with this kickstarter device that comes with a set of 30 programmable electronic building blocks. The different functions, split in conjunction to create a variety of innovative gadgets. The colorful, plug-and-play blocks are designed to endure the extensive use with its sturdy yet straightforward pogo pins.It includes plenty of accessories like the Neuron board, which makes it compatible with other parts and blocks.

Click, connect and create a robust network with impressive features to make this device your favourite.

  • Voice Recognition
  • Color Sensor
  • Temperature Sensor

Being, mainly software independent, the blocks can be activated with or without the software in online as well as offline mode.

When switched to the offline mode, the gadget can be built to activate a servo operation using Ultrasonic Sensor. However, in the online, it can be programmed for complicated action sequences and servo operation controls.

There are infinite ways to plug and play! The easy-to-use flow-based programming in the software enables advanced features, like IoT and Microsoft Cognitive Services, with just one touch.

Neuron blocks are durable, thanks to its precise and straightforward connection. The magnetic design facilitates educators to demonstrate lab work and makes teaching a viable option. It gives educators, a multitude of ways to integrate practical learning and programming, with their educational practices. Each Neuron unit can be software independent wherein users can interact with their creation both online or offline.

Connect in a snap effortlessly with building blocks to create just anything from your imaginations. Control your neuron projects remotely from anywhere over the Internet by generating a QR code. The share functionality supports users to share it with their friends. When connected, the Neuron App software enables users to recognise emotion and words as well.

Create moving vehicles or add sensors to your coding buddy. Become true innovators with the new game changer device. Being compatible with the Makeblock platform, LEGO blocks, and Codey Rocky, there is no limit to what you can build.

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