Combo kit for Makers Delight – Raspberry Pi + Grove

If you have searched your way out here, then you must be knowing what Raspberry Pi is. However, just for the sake of introduction – It is a pocket-size low-cost computer that is pluggable with devices like a computer monitor, keyboard. It can interact via programming language with other digital products from music machines to detectors.

Today we would be looking at Raspberry Pi 3 Model B + Starter Kit and Grove Pi sensors which is ideal for an educational and prototyping purpose. This kit includes all the necessary accessories and 12 Grove sensor with Starting with the Raspberry Pi- 3 Model B + Starter Kit as the name suggests it is a kit. When you purchase one, you get the following things to unbox –rovePi+ shield for Raspberry Pi 3.

We have combined this along with Grove Pi Kit sensors.

Getting to the Grove pi sensor starter kit is the best companion of raspberry pi to learn and invent.

A GrovePi+ board with 12 carefully selective Grove sensors and 10 pieces cables, is the ideal starter kit to team up with your Raspberry Pi quickly. Just slip the GrovePi+ board over your Raspberry Pi and connect sensors to the board, you’re ready to start hardware playing and prototyping with the powerful platform.


GrovePi+ stacks on top of the Raspberry Pi without the need for any other connections. All Grove modules connect to the universal Grove connectors on the GrovePi+ shield via the universal 4 pin connector cable.

Grove modules work on analog and digital signals, connect directly to the ATMEGA328 micro-controller on the Grove Pi+. The microcontroller acts as an interpreter between the Raspberry Pi and the Grove sensors. It sends, receives, and executes commands sent by the RaspberryPi.

The combo kit would suffice for both amateurs and pros alike. Thanks to the well connected and active communities there is no dearth of new ideas and creative challenges.

Here are some of the tutorial links -

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