mBot online course 101- Getting ready for PC programming

What do you need?

To carry out following exercises, we need:

There are two ways of uploading the program from mBlock to mBot. One using a USB cable and another is wireless (either with the Bluetooth or 2.4Ghz USB).

The difference between them is that the USB cable upload stores the code permanently to mBot. So even after powering OFF and ON the mBot, the code that was uploaded on the mBot will be remembered and executed.

While the wireless mode executes the code from the mBlock wirelessly on the mBot. This code is not stored in the mBot so if you switch OFF the mBot then next time it is switch ON it will not remember that code. Also, the code is executed from mBlock (PC/Laptop) it could be slower in response for a complex code. 

Let’s connect the mBot to PC/Laptop using USB cable for the following exercises. Later in the course, we will explorer how wireless connection is set up.


Step – 1: mBot connection

Step – 2: Setup mBlock software to communicate with

With this we have successfully connected mBot with mBlock software. We are now ready to create (if not created already) program and upload it.

Step – 3: Uploading the program

Step – 4: Testing the uploaded program

  • Once the upload is completed successfully, remove the USB cable from mBot à turn it off.
  • Place the mBot on a surface à turn on the mBot.
  • Observe the movement – does it behave as programmed?

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