CoDrone Programming – Ch 2


Curriculum Mapping

Digital Technologies

  • Digital Systems (Year 3-4): Explore a range of digital systems with peripheral devices for different purposes, and transmit different types of data (VCDTDS019)
  • Creating Digital Solutions (Year 3-4): Define simple problems, and describe and follow a sequence of steps and decisions involving branching and user input (algorithms) needed to solve them (VCDTCD023)
  • Creating Digital Solutions (Year 3 and 4): Develop simple solutions as visual programs [VCDTCD024]
  • Creating Digital Solutions (Year 5-6): Develop digital solutions as simple visual programs (VCDTCD033)


  • Number and Algebra (Year 7): Design and implement mathematical algorithms using a simple general-purpose programming language [VCMNA254]
  • Number and Algebra (Year 8): Use algorithms and related testing procedures to identify and correct errors [VCMNA282]

Learning Objectives

After completing this exercise, you will be able to:

  • Create a program using graphical blocks on SNAP tool 
  • Gain a brief overview of the coordinate system and XY notation for position 
  • Move the sprite in different directions by a specified number of steps 
  • Change the orientation of the sprite (the direction it is facing to)

Task List

Create a program the to:

  • Position the sprite at 0,0 (called as origin)
  • Move the sprite by 100 steps along the x-axis
  • Turn the sprite by 90 deg and move 100 steps downwards
  • Move the sprite to x=-100, y = 100


You may want to use following functional blocks:


You can verify your code with the solution presented here. Your code may look like this:

Alternatively, you may also download the code (.XML File) to your computer and import it on SNAP tool running your computer (File Menu > Import).

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