Neuron is designed for children aged 6 years old or above. Whether it is used as a teaching aid for STEAM education or used to develop children’s creativity, Neuron is exactly what you are looking for.

For educators, considering the international awards that it won, Neuron is a tool that can be trusted.Teachers can use Neuron in creative programming classes and workshops, helping children develop skills in terms of logic, cooperation and communication through project-based learning.

For family users, Neuron could be a good choice as well. Using combinations of Neuron blocks, children create a variety of gadgets to enhance their hands-on abilities. Parents can join them when kids are building projects, as a way to spend more quality time together.F

Neuron Educational Resources   

Vast Neuron Educational Resources are available on Makeblock Education. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, a parent, or a teacher, here you’ll find resources suitable for you to learn more, discover more and create more.

Teaching Plans & Materials

Developed by Makeblock’s distinguished teaching panel and experienced and competent educators from home and abroad, the Neuron teaching plans and materials are produced to help teachers prepare for classes and modify teaching content based on students’ age and performance.

Officially Provided

Editor’s Pick

Neuron Inspirations Library

Get inspirations from Neuron sample projects here. We’ll keep updating them!

Artist Kit

Explorer Kit

Creative Lab Kit



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